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Who do you call for bat removal ? Do you have a bat infestation in your attic, A brown bat problem in [location], Michigan? Have bats invaded your house and attic? You don’t have to panic when you see a bat flying inside your building or home. This may imply you have an open chimney, door, or window.

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What you need to know about bat removal Michigan

You should, {however|nevertheless}, {be wary|beware} if you {notice|discover|observe|see} {several|a number of|numerous} bats flying around your living quarters. This {could|might} {signify|represent|symbolize} that a bat {colony|nest} exists in your attic.

The size of bat {colonies|nests} in every {house|home} {varies| differs}, though {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} {houses|homes} have less than 50 bats.

Bats are {unique|distinct|special} little animals that are {primarily|mainly|mostly} nocturnal. They are the only mammals that can fly and sustain their flight. There are over 1,300 {species|types} of these {nocturnal|nighttime} {creatures|animals}, making them the {second|2nd} most {populous|populated} mammals after rodents.

Bats are beneficial to {humans|people|human beings} {since|because|considering that|given that} they {feed on|feed upon|eat} {insects|bugs|pests} like moths and mosquitoes that come out {at night|in the evening|during the night}. They {also|likewise} {help|assist} in pollination. Their waste is {used|utilized} as fertilizer, {especially|particularly|specifically} for flower beds, {lawns|yards}, and trees, {since|because|considering that|given that} it is {rich|abundant} in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

{Nonetheless|Nevertheless|However}, bat removal can {pose|position|present} some {real|genuine} {problems|issues}, {including|consisting of} {serious|major|severe} health {risks|dangers|threats}. Bat {removal|elimination}, bat {exclusion|exemption}, or bat control services can {contain|include|consist of} bat {infestation|invasion|problem} in [location]. Michigan Bats can infest your {house|home}, leaving your {floors|floor surfaces} {littered|cluttered} with feces and {acting as|serving as|functioning as} a bug {invasion|intrusion} {catalyst|driver}. These winged mammals can {also|likewise} {destroy|ruin|damage} your Michigan {home|house}. So if you need bat removal near me, be sure to call us today !

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Bats in {the|my|our} attic [location]

Bat Entry Points :
As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your family safe. This concept also applies to business owners. It is your duty to keep your employees safe. It becomes hard to get rid of bats once they find a suitable roosting site. Here are some of the entry points that bats use to gain access into your house:

• Unprotected attic vents
• Open windows and doors
• Damaged siding
• Damaged window screens
• Gaps along shutter edges
• Uncapped chimneys
• Cracks, gaps, and holes along roof edges

Signs of Bat Infestation and do you need bat removal

No homeowner in Grand Rapids wants a bat infestation and you probably need bat removal in Michigan. Still, they tend to occur more often than many homeowners would expect. Here are some telltale signs you may be experiencing a bat infestation in Michigan:

Bats Inside Your Home or scratching in your walls:
Have you noticed bats flying around your home during sunsets or sunrise? Bats are most visible during these times since they sleep during the day. You won’t notice them during midday.

Still, observe to see if bats are flying around your home. Bats may also be visible in outdoor structures like your garage or shed. Pay close attention if you encounter dead bats around your home. All these sightings are telltale signs that they’ve colonized your Michigan home.

• Unexplained Odors:
Foreign smells in your house are usually signs of wildlife infestation. Always watch out for unexplained odors in your home. The scent of ammonia may be a telltale sign of bat droppings in your house. You should immediately contact us for bat removal near me & seek professional assistance since you risk contracting diseases brought about by breathing in the spores.

• Stained Holes:
Bats typically enter your house through areas where you don’t exercise proper vigilance. Once they find such areas, they enter and exit your house constantly. Over time, areas that they use for entry and exit become stained with black resin. This is another sign of bat infestation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

• Squeaking Sounds:
It is not easy to explain certain sounds in your house. Nonetheless, high pitched squeaks can be a complete nuisance and evidence of infestation. You should enlist professional Grand Rapids bat removal services to deal with squeaking sounds. Handling this problem on your own will only make the bats angrier.

• Visible Bat Droppings :
Bats may have already established an entry/exit point if you frequently find bat feces (guano) around your home. They don’t leave droppings near their nests. Frequent bat-dropping sightings are a clear sign of an infestation epicenter.

It’s important to act quickly once you notice these telltale signs of a bat infestation. Remember, bats attract pests like rats, roaches, flies, scorpions, and ants. The longer you host them, the more they multiply.

Bats are also carriers of rabies. Never try to carry a bat even if you think it’s dead. Most bat bites happen after humans pick them up.

Contact us today if you have noticed any of these signs of a bat infestation. Our professional Michigan bat removal company goes above and beyond to get rid of bat infestations.

Removing Bats

The Process of Bat Removal in Michigan

Many homeowners need bat colonies removed from their premises. There are various steps that we perform to help remove bats from your home or building.


A thorough inspection should be done before any bat control services are carried out. This will help our Michigan bat removal team determine the entry and exit points into your home.


Different bat species have different habits regarding hibernation, nesting, and reproduction. Our experienced bat control professionals can determine the species during an inspection.


Once an inspection is carried out, the exclusion process begins. This process allows bats to get out and not come back in through the entry point. It is best not to trap the animals since they may return if the exclusion isn’t done properly.


Most sealing should be done before exclusion. Once this is complete, our team completely seals the entry and exit points we left for them to escape. Once all the bats have left your house or building, we bat-proof the final exit point to block out the bats.


Finally, our team cleans up all the mess the bats left. Feces and urine excreted by bats can lead to serious health problems. These materials may also impact the structure of your Michigan house.


Later on, we make a return visit to re-inspect your home. This ensures we completely bat-proof all potential entry points, if there are any loopholes, to keep bats from getting into your Grand Rapids home.


We also do {24/7|emergency} bat {exclusion|removal|trapping} in [cities count=”10″ type= “ul” max-radius=”20″]

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