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Raccoon Removal

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Racoon Removal: Get Rid Of Raccoons Today :

We live in a DIY world today. On YouTube, you can learn almost anything from playing the piano to trading indexes. Not all is however a DIY project. When dealing with raccoons in Michigan, you need the aid of qualified raccoon removal and control experts.
It is possible that residents of the greater Grand Rapids area know what raccoons look like. On their heads, they have short noses and distinctive black masks”. When they are threatened, raccoons growl and squeak. On the other side, baby raccoons sound like birds. When calling in about sounds in attics, walls, and chimneys, many Michigan residents commonly confuse the two.

Bat Removal

Do you have a problem with bats in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Have your house and attic been infiltrated by them? When you see a bat flying inside your building or house, you do not need to panic. This can mean that you have a chimney, door, or window that is open.

If you find multiple bats flying around your living quarters, you should however be careful. This could mean that in your attic, a bat colony exists. In every home, the size of bat colonies varies, but most houses have less than 50 bats.

Bats are distinctive little beasts that are mostly nocturnal. They are the only animals that are able to fly and maintain flight. Of these nocturnal animals, there are over 1,300 species, making them the second most populous mammals after rodents.

Bats are beneficial to humans because they feed on insects that come out at night, such as moths and mosquitoes. They aid in pollination as well. As they are rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, their waste is used as fertilizer, particularly for flower beds, lawns, and trees.

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Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal Specialist  Grand Rapids

Squirrels are rodents and are known to be pests, as are most of their genus (except for those rare types that are protected). Of special concern in Grand Rapids is the Grey Squirrel. Tree squirrels and Fox Squirrels may also cause problems, but in human territory they intrude less rarely than the Grey Squirrel.

It is important to learn a little more about squirrel behavior, habitat and food in order to handle the threats that squirrels face.

Basic Squirrel info:

As they are grayish in color, Grey Squirrels get their name. The look of Tree, Fox and Ground Squirrels is more brown or reddish. In general, squirrels are not much bigger than 16 to 18 inches in height (from tail to nose). At around 1 pound, they just weigh-in and look sweet and cuddly.

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